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Übersicht der Berufe Overview of the professions

Professional fields
Display all Agriculture & Landscaping Construction & Wood Metal & Plastic Health & Personal Hygiene IT & Electronics Hospitality & Foodstuffs Logistics Textiles Cleaning Automotive Trade

Alteration tailor

Care assistant to older people

Plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems

Construction finishing worker - specialising in tiles and mosaics

Building and object coater

Driver (bus and lorry)

Electronics technician - specialized in energy and building technology

Warehouse operator

Information technology specialist – specialising in systems integration

Specialist in the hospitality services industry

Specialist in food technology

Skilled metal worker - specialising in structural engineering

Specialist for furniture, kitchen and relocation services


Salesperson specialising in foodstuffs (bakery)

Gardener - specializing in horticulture and landscaping

Industrial cleaner


Building construction worker – specialising in masonry work

Industrial electrician - specialising in industrial engineering

Motor vehicle mechatronics technician - specialising in automotive technology


Machine and plant operator

Civil engineering worker – specialising in road building

Sales assistant for retail services

Mechanic in plastics and rubber processing